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4601 S Flagler Drive  •  West Palm Beach, FL  33405


As we are based in Palm Beach County, we are incredibly grateful that our area was spared the impact of Hurricane Dorian.  Our friends in the Bahamas were less lucky, and are in need of more than our thoughts and prayers right now.  Palm Beach Harvest has teamed up with Tampa Bay Harvest to send plane-loads of food and supplies to the Bahamas.  The first of 6 flights left today, bound for Bahamas Faith Ministries International and Pastor Dave Burrows! 

We are sending in total 38,000 MRE's, water, bleach, toiletries and protein packs.  But more is still needed!  Please see the list below, direct from Pastor Burrows, and if you can donate ANYTHING, no matter how big or small, please CONTACT US.  Thank you!

  • Pain Relievers

  • Building & Roofing Supplies

  • Food - Non-perishable

  • Generators

  • Blankets

  • Construction Materials

  • Diapers

  • Feminine Hygene Products

  • Toiletries

  • Sheets

  • Baby Food

  • Toilet Paper

  • Pop Up Tents

  • Gas Cans

  • Baby Supplies

  • Sealed, Canned Food

  • Blankets, Air Mattresses, etc.

  • Pet Food (unopened bags or cans)


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Palm Beach Harvest by the Numbers

Over 3 million pounds of food

rescued from restaurants and grocery stores in the area and delivered to people in need.

3 million

We are the #1 contributor of food in Palm Beach County to 85 non-profits, and the ONLY organization to rescue food on a daily basis. 


In Palm Beach County, 15.5% of the population is food insecure.


We thank all the associated Sponsor & Donor businesses above for allowing us to rescue food that would otherwise be thrown away. 

Thank you for supporting your community!

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